Vital Statistics

The Office of the Registrar provides original certified copies (vital records) of births, marriages, and deaths that took place in the City of Bridgeton. Records available in the Bridgeton office are:

  • Births
    September 1926 to present
  • Marriages
    January 1947 to present
  • Deaths
    March 1929 to present

Records prior to these dates may be obtained from the Office of the State Registrar of Vital Statistics. For records from other locations, please contact the municipality in which the event occurred. Before a certified copy of a vital record event may be issued, you must complete an Application for Original Certified Record Copy form, which requires the requestor to: Specifically, identify certain aspects of the event.

Prove their identity, and relationship to the subject of the record. If the name changed by marriage you must show the marriage certificate (if you are divorced and still using the surname on your State ID or Driver's License and mail is in the surname; you need to show the marriage certificate).

Provide payment (Money Orders only for mail-ins; cash only in the office) for each certified copy requested:

  • Birth and Marriage Certificates - $20 each
  • Death Certificates - $10 each
  • Marriage License - $28

If you have questions, please review the form directions or contact the registrar's office at the number noted at the top of this page.

Applying for a Marriage License/ Civil Union If the bride, or groom, is a resident of New Jersey, the license must be obtained from the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the municipality where either person lives. If both applicants are non-residents of New Jersey, applicants must apply in the municipality in the State of New Jersey where the marriage will take place. For marriage license purposes, soldiers are residents of the posts at which they are stationed.

Additional information related to marriage licenses is contained in our Marriage/Civil Union License Information document. Certified copies of a marriage event may be obtained from the local Registrar in the municipality where the ceremony occurred, or from the Office of the State Registrar of Vital Statistics.