Public Works

The Public Works department has responsibility for various functions within a number of divisions. This department is commonly referred to as the city's "workhorse". It is called upon to perform various tasks for all city departments as well as directly for its citizens.

Department of Public Works Schedules, Policies & Procedures

N.J.A.C. 7:26-1.1 Scope of rules

(a) Unless otherwise provided by rule or statute, this chapter shall constitute the rules of the Department of Environmental Protection that govern the registration, operation, maintenance, and closure of sanitary landfills and other solid waste facilities in the State of New Jersey as may be approved by the Department; registration, operation, and maintenance of solid waste transporting operations and facilities in the State of New Jersey; a fee schedule for services provided by the Department to solid waste facilities, generators, and transporters; and the assessment of civil administrative penalties. These rules shall not apply to the following

5. Convenience centers as defined at NJ.A.C. 7:26-1.4

"Convenience center" means a site where one or more containers are located for temporary storage of solid waste and/or recyclable materials brought to the site by persons transporting only their own household solid waste and/or recyclable materials in passenger automobiles bearing general registration plates. "

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