Cohanzick Zoo... "New Jersey's First Zoo"

In 1934, the City found itself in possession of a small herd of deer which the citizens thought should be exhibited. With this, the Cohanzick Zoo began.

The zoo was named for the band of Lenape Indians who resided in Bridgeton alongside the river - as a result, they became known as the Cohanzick Indians. Today, the Cohansey River peacefully flows through the park adding a unique and intimate feel to the zoo setting. It is a great place to visit all year round with a number of attractions and special events including a September Community Fun Day, Boo at the Zoo in October, Zoo Camp for kids during the summer, the Out-to-Lunch Mad Scientist show, and more.

The Cohanzick Zoo is New Jersey's first zoo; part of the Department of Recreation and Public Affairs, it remains one the only municipal zoos in New Jersey. Aside from the fun and exciting programs, the Cohanzick Zoo features over 100 individual animals accounting for 47 different species over 25 separate exhibits. In addition to the live animals, the Cohanzick Zoo has a growing collection of animal statuary featuring "Gordy the Gorilla" and Mr. Kipling, a life-sized Komodo dragon. The collection also features a life-sized giraffe and George and Daisy, a mother-baby ape. The naming of these lovable statues came from the kids that took part in the 2013 Zoo Camp.

The City of Bridgeton, with the help and support of the Cohanzick Zoological Society, is looking forward to growing and expanding the Zoo as one of the premier family-oriented attractions in Cumberland County. The focus of these efforts will include not only a robust plan for the zoo infrastructure itself but also one-day achieving accreditation status as part of investing in this unique community asset.

Part of that includes community participation through membership in the Cohanzick Zoological Society (CZS). For pennies a day you can help the Cohanzick Zoo acquire new animals, improve and renovate exhibits, and maintain the Zoo's beautifully landscaped grounds and facilities. In addition to membership, organizations can enjoy on and off-site education programs as a great way to educate students and adults on the importance of animals and their habitats, while providing an entertaining experience.

For animal lovers, there are Animal Adoptions, and as an adoptive parent, you will receive a Certificate of Adoption complete with a short biography and photo of your adopted animal. Adoptions are good for one year and provide a sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing that your contribution will help provide food, veterinary services, and enrichment toys for your special animal. Adoption donations start at $25 and make a great gift for any animal lover!

For more information, call 856-453-1658.