Splash Park

After watching kids hard at play in the splash pad in Pottstown, PA three summers ago, Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly saw the splash pad concept as a nice fit for the Bridgeton City Park and almost three years to the day (June 1, 2013), Kelly cut the ribbon on this zero-depth water venue to mark the official start to the summer season in Bridgeton.

The official opening of the splash pad marked a bold new addition to the City Park and it has proved to be one of the most popular features in Cumberland County along with the Cohanzick Zoo. Situated next to the zoo, visitors can spend the day cooling off at the Splash Park, while also enjoying a visit to one of New Jersey's unique zoo settings.

The 7,500 square-foot venue contains 28 fixtures featuring everything from buckets and fountains to water wheels and cannons, all designed to shoot, spray, mist, and pour water on hot bathers looking to beat the heat on steamy summer days.

Aside from the actual spray deck itself, which covers 2,334 square feet, the venue also features a washroom facility, concession stand, outdoor shower, 2 pavilions, benches, lighting, and sitting areas where bathers can relax and parents can sit in the shade and keep an eye on smaller children.

With a full recirculation system being supplied by a 4,000-gallon tank, water quality is constantly monitored and treated accordingly from a control panel that allows operators to control such aspects as spray zones and start and stop times.

The venue, installed by Delaware-based Water Splash Inc, is a self-contained activity within the park where users pay a small admission charge to access the splash pad and amenities in 2-hour blocks of time in order to accommodate all users. Paid staff handle concessions and oversee activity inside the 6-foot-high fence that surrounds the venue. The splash pad, next to the Cohanzick Zoo, is designed with a zoo theme and kids can enjoy fixtures that suggest ladybugs, tigers, and frogs.

The goal of our Recreation Department is for visitors to enjoy the zoo, along with the splash pad, picnic areas, recreation fields, and the walking trails that line the 1,000-plus acres that form the Bridgeton City Park; basically a day trip for the whole family.

We have a great park system and it's a place where a family can come and spend a Saturday, Sunday or any day outdoors relaxing and enjoying some recreation. With the emphasis on growing our park, and preserving our open and green space, the city park is quickly becoming a regional destination.

The splash pad is open on weekends only, until the school year ends, and then it is open 7 days a week, (weather permitting) from 11 am to 6 pm with additional hours added for the months of July and August.

For more information on hours of operation, private bookings, and reservations, please call the Department of Recreation.