Planning & Zoning Administration

The City's planner undertakes a number of functions for the municipality including Master Plan study and analysis, studying the operation and effect of land use controls and their administration within the municipality, reviewing and reporting on all Planning Board applications, as well as coordinating with various city officials on planning, economic development, and housing initiatives city-wide. The City's planner plays a critical role in new construction projects as well as adaptive reuse projects involving buildings or land within city boundaries. To find out when and how the planning process might come into play on a potential project, please contact the Planning Board Secretary at 856-451-3407 ext. 2

The Zoning Officer administers Chapter 370 (Zoning) of the City Code which focuses on land use throughout the municipality. One of the primary goals in the area of zoning is to ensure that the use of lands and/or structures in a given neighborhood is appropriate for that neighborhood; whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial. Zoning codes, along with protecting the integrity and character of neighborhoods around the community, are also used to guide future growth so that it takes place in a controlled way. Zoning approval is the first step required for most types of property and adaptive reuse projects in the city. If you plan to alter your property in any way it is recommended that you contact the Zoning Officer to see if a permit is required. If so, the Zoning Officer will review the project for compliance with the existing Land Use laws and either approve or deny the request based on the code. Zoning regulations also govern the size, use, and placement of signs throughout the city.

The first step in the process starts with a Zoning Application, which can be downloaded or printed out using the link on this page. In addition to completing the form, applicants need to provide enough information and/or documentation so that the Zoning Officer understands the scope and nature of their project. In most instances, this would include a survey or "plot plan" showing any proposed construction and other details unique to the site. The Zoning Officer will review your application and either approve or deny your request. If your application is denied, you can revise your application and re-submit or seek a zoning "variance" from the Zoning Board, which is essentially permission to depart from the requirements of the code.

For projects seeking a variance, applicants are encouraged to contact the Zoning Board Secretary to learn more about the process and required fees. Applicants may also wish to secure the services of a land-use attorney to represent them throughout the zoning process, which is strongly encouraged for large and/or complex applications and projects.

Note: All required application and escrow fees must be paid when an application is submitted.

No application will be accepted without posting the necessary fees.

Zoning Map