Housing & Code Enforcement


The main work of the Code Enforcement Office is enforcement of the Property Maintenance Code which sets minimum standards for the health, safety, and welfare of the public. The code governs conditions in residential dwelling units (owner-occupied and rental), commercial and retail properties, rooming houses, and other habitable spaces. In addition to interior conditions, the Property Maintenance Code also sets standards for exterior conditions on buildings, accessory structures, and yards.

The city's program for property maintenance adopts the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (IMPC) standards, which cover everything from light and ventilation to maximum occupancy, overgrowth of vegetation, trash, and chipping paint on structures. In addition to ensuring compliance with property maintenance codes community-wide, the Code Enforcement Office also handles the registration of rental units, home sales, vacant or abandoned property, and follow-up on property maintenance complaints.

The Code Enforcement Office works closely with the Construction Office, the Historic District Administrative Officer, and the various sub-code officials to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Rental Registrations

Rental units within the City of Bridgeton must be registered with the Code Enforcement Office prior to being inspected and before any tenants can occupy the unit. Registration of rental units must be done on an annual basis by March 1st whether the unit is vacant or occupied. The registration fee for each unit is $75 and there is a late fee of $50 if a unit is registered after March 1st. You can download a Rental Registration form and mail the completed form along with the fee to the Code Enforcement Office.

Certificates of Occupancy

In addition to rental registration, rental units in the city cannot be occupied without first being inspected ahead of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. When a rental unit passes inspection, a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued. If a unit fails inspection, the code officer will issue a notice and all violations are to be corrected and a re-inspection completed before a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued. Inspections must be done upon any change in occupancy and landlords are required to report such changes to the Code Enforcement Office before allowing new tenants into the unit. Fees for Rental COs are covered under the annual rental registration renewal.

Resale Certificates

Upon sale of any property within the City of Bridgeton, a resale certificate needs to be filled out and filed with the Code Enforcement Office.

Property Maintenance Complaints

The Code Enforcement Office, in addition to the many functions it performs, will also respond to property maintenance complaints community-wide. With eyes and ears on the ground, residents are often the first to know of problems or conditions that need attention in their neighborhoods and officials welcome the opportunity to be proactive in solving problems. A quick phone call describing the problem and giving the address can keep small problems from becoming big ones.

Anyone wishing to report a property maintenance issue can do so by calling 455-3230 ext. 219

The Inspection Checklist, while not a limit on what inspectors look for, does provide a general idea as to which areas you might wish to concentrate on as you prepare for inspection. The list can serve as a "punch list" and while it won't guarantee a unit will pass inspection, adequate attention to these areas should make the process much less painful.