Finance Department

While not nearly as visible to constituents as perhaps the Police, Public Works, or Code Enforcement might be, the Finance Department is nonetheless at the very center of the City's day-to-day operations and a most vital part of conducting the people's business.

Because "budget and finance" form the very foundation of any municipal corporation, Bridgeton's Finance Department is responsible for a wide range of functions and areas such as; preparation and management of the yearly municipal budget, oversight of each department's expenditures, processing employee payroll, payment of bills, compliance with yearly audits, and compliance with local government finance laws, to name but a few.

Under the direction of the City's Chief Financial Officer or CFO, the Finance Department carries out its tasks guided by the principles and ideals of good stewardship and transparency. The CFO is the key part of a system, a "checks and balances" if you will, that ensures that all municipal funds are used, expended, or otherwise accounted for in accordance with the laws and best practices that govern municipal finance.