About Our Town

A Message From The Mayor

Bridgeton has a unique history, both in terms of agriculture and industry, but it's really the people that make Bridgeton a special place.

I remain inspired and motivated by the fact that Bridgeton, as a smaller metro community, regardless of the challenges involved, is more than a set of problems; we are more than the brick and mortar and steel of our buildings, and we are more than the laws that govern us.

We are certainly more than the opinion of our critics and more than the sum of our programs, and it all starts with our people. Ultimately, it's people that bridge the distance between problem and solution.

At its most basic, it involves connecting the downtown to the city park, the waterfront to the south side, and our industrial parks to the central business district.

At its most practical level, its connects workers with jobs- supply with demand, and resources with needs. At its best, it's about connecting style with culture, the past with the present, and neighbors with neighbors.

If we've done that well and if we've done that to full measure, we will have created a sense of "place" and "belonging" as a community. For those with urban tastes, we're close enough to the major metro areas to commute, but far enough off the beaten path to have our own unique cache.

But if there's one core thing that makes us special and unique, it's the fact that we are, as we have always been, a community unfinished; always changing, always growing, and always seeking to do the next thing and next the thing after that; never satisfied with just getting to "good", we are always searching for ways to be great.

We were meant to be unfinished; which is really my invitation to you to come to Bridgeton and add to us what you will"

Albert B. Kelly, Mayor